13th March 2019
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Tips for buyers

Here are the five aspects of viewing a property that are often overlooked. By following these tips you can enhance your viewing experience and allow the property to stand out amongst others, meaning that you are more likely to find your ideal home in the perfect location.


Ensuring that you explore the area as well as the property will allow a greater understanding of the type of place it is, especially if it is a new area. Looking in and around the property, including gardens and surroundings will give you a more in-depth opinion, so you can make a more informed decision.

Visiting multiple times

Visiting the area several times a day will give a clearer view of the area and the activity nearby. Visiting early morning, evenings and weekends allow you to see the type of area. This is particularly important if it is an unfamiliar area.

Be open- minded

Being open-minded will mean that you aren’t restricting your searches nor discarding those that don’t fit your exact expectations. Having a wish list is helpful to refer to, but limiting your choices, might mean that you may miss out on a great property and seeing the potential. Assembling a vision for a property will help to visualise your desirable result, this will make it a more memorable visit.

Don’t be turned off by repairs

If the property isn’t up to the standard you wish or is still under development, this shouldn’t alter your judgement, as they are usually temporary or fixable.

Ask questions

Asking questions at viewings will mean that you find out more about the property than you would do from the advert and can allow you to find out the answers to your desired aspects of the property.

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