12th February 2019
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Preparing to Sell

Preparing your property to sell is a fundamental, yet often overlooked, part of the house selling process. Too frequently sellers do not invest the time to present their property in its best light and forget to think how their property will be perceived by viewers; their potential buyers.

Your estate agent will prepare to present your property at its best through its photos, brochures, descriptions, window displays and online property listings.  Selling houses is a partnership between vendor and estate agent and when the two are working together, the results can be rewarding both time-wise and financially.

Here we will look at several important ways that you can get your house into the possible shape and show it off at its best.

1 Clear the clutter

Have you built up huge amounts of clutter in your home?  Are there belongings in your cupboards, wardrobes, etc that you haven’t seen in years?  If the answer is ‘No’ we think you are in the minority!  Clearing out your clutter can be deliciously cathartic.  It needn’t be a major and overwhelming task.  By doing just one room at a time the job of clearing your clutter will be complete.

2 Re-decorate in neutrals

Neutral colours create a blank canvas for your buyer and will help them to decide how their possessions will fit into your home.  Colour, whilst individual and exciting, is a matter of taste and if your buyer is presented with a colour that is not to their taste or that they couldn’t live with then you are limiting your chances of achieving a sale.  Many buyers like to be able to ‘just move in’ before making any decisions regarding décor and colour schemes.  Some don’t have the time or inclination to commence decoration as soon as they have moved to a new home.  Magnolias, beiges or off-whites are ideal and it shouldn’t break the bank to buy a few tins to freshen up your home.

3 Repair any damages

Wall cracks, peeling wallpaper, broken door handles, dripping showers, moldy tiles; they won’t make a good impression and will suggest your home has not been well cared for.  Take a good look around your home and make a list of repairs, or get a friend to do it for you as you might have stopped seeing what’s there.  Get these jobs done as soon as you can and if needed get the right help or trades in to put things right.

4 De-personalise your rooms

Keep too many personal photographs and family portraits on display and you may be making it more difficult for your potential buyer to imagine your house as their home.  Keep your personal items to a minimum, at least until you have your buyer secured.

5 Stage your rooms

Show your space in its best possible light – known as staging in the industry.  Staging your home can involve arranging your furniture and ornaments so they’re more pleasing to the eye.  Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and to bring in light, and cushions, throws and rugs to create a cozy, homely feel.

Ensure your rooms are clearly defined and shown as used for the correct purposes.  Make the master bedroom, the master bedroom, not the kids’ room and play room.  Have designated areas for dining or as the study area, etc.  Try not to merge areas into each other so that it is difficult to determine exactly what that space is used for.

6 Tidy the garden

An unkempt garden gives the impression that it involves too much work to keep on top of.  A well-kept garden is an asset to your home and is not overlooked by potential buyers.  Weed the paths, trim back overgrown bushes, clean down the patio and decking and clean your garden furniture.  If you have broken fences, get these repaired.  Take any pegs off the washing line.  Your buyers might also want a garden where they can entertain or create social space.  Having a tidy garden will make it easier for them to imagine your garden is that space.


Preparing your home for sale need not be traumatic.  Keeping your buyers in mind and following these suggestions should help to make the whole process easier.

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